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Sharpie on a perler bead >:?

sharpieismywarpaint 9/23/2019 06:55 pm 527

So like i dont think i have enough black beads 2 finish dis gerd damn nyan cat perler X_x Do U think if i just sharpie in some grey beads and iron them in it'll be shipshape?? Or will the ink run..

Haha thread title username reference wazzup xD

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Sep 23, 2019 8:53 pm

regular alcohol-based sharpies will probably smear off perler beads before you can get a good result. i'm also not too sure ironing sharpie-covered plastic is the best idea, even if it'd be in small amounts... if you have any oil based sharpie paint markers those will probably stay on the plastic better but i have no idea what'll happen once you iron them? /shrug

hope that helped!

edit: i just realized you could iron it first and then color it in after it's cooled!