Old unused kandi?

morbidxvomit 10/2/2017 01:30 am 1127

Hello! I used to be a kandi kid about three or four years ago, i have a HUGE collection of it. I have a bunch of cuffs, singles, and wayy too many beads that i know what to do with. My problem is, i dont use or wear any of this stuff anymore :( Some i do, but most of it is just sitting collecting dust. I dont know what to do with it! I tried selling it but no one wanted it. I dont know any neighborhood kids that would want some, and ive already given my friends and family so much. What should i do? Try selling again? Just throw it away? Break the cuffs, bracelets, etc and sell the beads? I'm not sure, but any input would be helpful! Has anyone else had this problem?

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Oct 8, 2017 2:09 am

You could put it in a large container and sell it as a JOB LOT on eBay/etsy

Oct 2, 2017 6:50 am

What I would do is.....

Find someone that would like to have it, I am sure there are a lot of people here that would love to have the creations, Giving them away is the fastest

way to let them go, thats if you are just trying to get rid of it all. I am sure there are lots of people here willing to take the Kandi Creations, I am sure

Someone would be more then willing to pay for the shipping, knowing that it cost money to send out...

Selling them

might be a little harder to do cause others don't believe in selling certain things, Trading for something else could be the other option, sending a package

in the mail for other things you may be interested in (examples: notebooks/planners, posters, stickers, candy, music cds, video games,) Trading is the most

practical option for others here, but... Trading is between you and that other person,

Kandipattern.com is NOT responsible for the trades you make with anyone.

Creating something larger,

you could break down all of the creations and make other things with them, you can use a decorations or charms,

There are alot of thing you could do with it all! I would start with uploading some photos of these creations and seeing

what others think about all of it,