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Samanthadb 8/9/2017 05:07 pm 504

pichuwatermelonhello, I was wondering if anyone knew websites other than etsy where I could sell things like kandi,perler, etc objects. Fees on etsy seem a little high on some things and I have a ton of questions concerning etsy but no answers and well.... no one has answered my questions. I was just curious on this because well school is happening and that's money so any cent at this point matters. If anyone knows a lot about etsy and could maybe help me out, hit me up

thank you for your time


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Aug 10, 2017 1:09 pm

If you are really looking to sell your creations or work, Etsy is the quickest and easiest way to set up shop, like you said the fees are kinda high if you are selling for so low, 20cents to post and I think 10% of the final sale, getting your work out there would be the hardest part due to the competitive market, Other sites..... I know that you could do things on ebay as well but, Amazon has kinda taken over the online market. I think a good bet would be to rent a booth at a artshow or local craft market. Hope this helps, you can pm me anytime if you have any questions, i am always willing to help out.