Is it okay for me to sell my "beaded Creation"

Snakequeen_ 6/8/2017 09:57 am 740

I'm a kandi kid. I can't legal go to raves and I don't know if I ever will go to raves, but I love the culture. I believe in spreading PLUR, so with that in mind, give me some advice.

I have a local farmers market coming up and I would like to sell my "beaded creations" aka Kandi. Kandi is special to the community and I feel like I would be violating the terms or something by selling it to non ravers. I don't think selling Kandi is bad, as long as you don't do anything bad with the money. I also don't believe selling Kandi is selling friendship. Kandi is meant to break the ice, you're not automatically friends because of Kandi trading. Please let me know your opinions, as the farmers market is very soon

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Jun 21, 2017 5:14 pm

I don't see why you wouldn't be able too but depends on what your state guidelines are about selling things. Maybe you could post them on IG and make a website or sell them on amazon.

Jun 9, 2017 12:25 am

As a creator you have the right and freedom to do what you want with your creations regardless of what material it is made of.

You should not feel bad about selling it either because its something you created or put together, consider it as art or bead jewelry.

Kandi or Beads are not exclusive to ravers or a certain community, You are free to share it with anyone and everyone.

I would definitely encourage you to give to groups outside of the community to spread the "P.L.U.R." When you give it away to someone as a gift

or sharing with each other for a non profit purpose consider it "Kandi" There is nothing wrong with selling your creations, but......

If a finished piece of bead work was given to you, You should NOT sell it, this is what I think is disrespectful to the person and the community.

When someone gives something out of the kindness of their heart, Others try to profit from someone else s kindness, and I think this is the

real reason why everyone is skeptical about selling their work, Because we are in times where there are people out there that get stuff from others just to

sell for a profit. It just isn't right at all.

I believe it is ok if someone wants to buy some of your work to support you as a creator. proving to them that you are the creator of that piece is what you want to show them, Cause no one wants to support fraud artist/creators.

This is just my opinion on things,

I hope this helps,

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