Trouble changing my profile photo.

NekoTrip 2/26/2017 06:03 am 1118

I went to change my pfp since it's so out of date and all, it let me crop and everything, but it seems that when the page refreshes it just goes back to my old pfp. Is anyone else having this issue? Could use some help, thanks. crykao cry

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Feb 26, 2017 5:43 pm

Okay so I've removed the cache on the profile settings page and your profile. I've just checked and it was caching for 24 FREAKING HOURS lol, no wonder it didn't update yet! I have reduced the overall caching time to 2 hours, so everywhere besides your profile/profile settings will take 2 hours to update, but at least it will immediately show on your profile settings and profile now.

Feb 26, 2017 5:29 pm

Hey, sorry about that. I have just checked it out, and it looks like this issue is due to how the avatar images are hosted. They are hosted on a cloud image host which caches the avatar images on their end, meaning you can refresh the page many times, but it's still not going to show your updated avatar until a certain amount of time has expired on the cloud host. What I will do as a quick fix is disable the cache when you are viewing the profile settings page and your own profile, but elsewhere on the site you'll still be seeing an old one until I set up some cache rules. I will either edit this comment or post a new comment when I've done that fix for disabling the cache.

I can see that the file for your new avatar image did upload though; it has you wearing a Pikachu mask, correct? It's showing on the non-cached area but not the cached. I must have set it to cache images for a really long time, lol.

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