Where can i get red, blue, and white glow in the dark beads?

stonermichaels 6/13/2015 02:07 pm 1765

I've looked on multiple websites and couldn't find any beads that have red, blue, or white glows. Any help is appreciated!

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Aug 17, 2015 11:04 pm

basically, you can't find red and blue glow beads because they'd be too expensive to produce and the red wouldn't last long anyway.

most phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) stuff has a greenish tint, have you noticed? that's from (iirc) strontium/aluminum-based chemicals, which glow longer and brighter. red glow is expensive to produce (made from zinc) and only lasts about 15 minutes, so it wouldn't be worth it to put it into pony beads that cost pennies to make.

the good news is that if you wanted to, you could purchase red, white, and blue glow paint and paint, say, your shirt or some sunglasses! [link] I have used the green successfully on a dress. You just can't put it on your skin and it probably wouldn't stick to the slick plastic of beads. Still, a fun possibility!

Jul 9, 2015 8:00 pm

I have never seen red glow beads i made a cool rasta cuff with a rasta glow in da dark leaf and used orange instead of red.. for blue i found a bag of mixed bag of glow in the dark beads at walmart and it was BLUE.. i dont like blue so i got rid of them ASAP. i dont think you should have a problem finding glow in the dark white.. theyre the most common anywhere from walmart orr any craft store.. hope i helped

Jun 15, 2015 10:50 am

There is a nice site you can buy all sorts of beads on! (beadtin.com)

You can also try your local craft stores or other online shopping. I would personally suggest buying online, because they don't come in a mixed bag, and you can get as many as you will be needing for your project. It may take a little longer, but that is worth it !

Jun 15, 2015 5:01 am

on ebay or target or micheal's or walmart hope I helped

Jun 14, 2015 9:26 pm

Well i get most of my beads from Michaels and they usually

come in all colors, in store, not online. Good luck!

Jun 14, 2015 10:11 am

I get my glow in the dark beads from Walmart. but they come in a mixed pack.

Jun 13, 2015 9:36 pm
@nanabhad1998: I do as well. I also love the fact that they always have coupons

Jun 13, 2015 4:12 pm

I get all of my beads from michaels

Jun 13, 2015 3:51 pm

I'm not sure where you are but I'd say check out a Michaels (If they have that where you are) or any other craft store. Sorry that my comment isn't super helpful but I guess it's better than nothing

Jun 13, 2015 3:38 pm

I have never seen red ones. I used to get a multicolored glow pack that had a turquoisey kind of blue and a clear kind of white, but those were the only "blue" and "white" I could get. Have you seen that turquoisey blue and that clear white I'm talking about? I assume there are limits to the colors you can make and have the bead still glow, and that's why the colors are always so limited.