accident prone or know someone that is?

white_rabbit_alice 2/26/2015 04:46 am 620

I'm highly accident prone and was wondering if i had any others out there like me. I've often been told i must have one hell of a guardian angle that just face palms every time i leave my bed or room. Some classic examples of my disaster include but are not limited to: Getting hit in face with box of freight at work Punching self in face trying to open a box having box fall and hit sternum ran over foot with pallet jack crashing into a display hitting self in face with loose display part hitting self in gut with butter knife whilst cooking nearly choking on Ramen

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Mar 9, 2015 6:10 pm
me 2. i am mostly accident prone when my parents are there. i can be doing just fine then a few minuts after my parents come i accidentally cut my hand off wile cooking. XD