What made you guyz on here wanna do kandi?

F_i_n_n 4/10/2024 12:06 pm 637

5148668e58cf6_animal03.gifIm curious what made you guys inspired to make kandi thingz? or even change your Aesthetic to have more of a 2000'z look? 5148668e58cf6_animal03.gif

514866f3b2dfd_tini_rabbit.gif personally started making kandi one day cuz i was really bored then grew more into doing it after a few weeks, and then started investing more on a 2000 scene kid look, cuz it seemed fun. Is that a lot of your guyz experience, or do you have a different reason, if there even is a reason 514866f3a051c_tiniham.gif

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Apr 12, 2024 10:56 am

I saw a cuff bracelet on a pack of beads i got at the craft store when i was 12 and wanted to figure out how to make it so i watched a tut on yt and then just became obsessed lolz dance

Apr 12, 2024 6:48 am

rainbowsmilemy pookie started making sum and then i did :3 hez kewl

Apr 12, 2024 5:38 am

I have no clue...

Apr 12, 2024 12:48 am

I am not sure I ever put the full story of how I got into raves and kandi on here: In June 2006 I went to a "fake rave" put on by people at my university. Basically it was a rave-type event in an abandoned building but it was really just a frat party with electronic music, and people had glowsticks and light-up things. That got me into the idea of going to raves and I saw "kandi kid" ravers on MySpace who had all the kandi and I loved the look of it. I also loved the "happy hardcore" music they all had playing on their profiles.

I got a couple of my friends to agree to go to a rave with me for valentine's day 2007 and we made kandi singles beforehand. We went to a few different raves in 2007, but I only got into making more advanced kandi when I started dating a kandi kid guy in 2008. He showed me the cuffs he had, and I made one (a Mario mushroom) for the first time using a tutorial from a website called Kandi Trade.

When I first started making cuffs in 2008, it was quite unusual to see them at raves, so people would stop and marvel at them and want to take photos of them. But after this website took off, a lot more people wore cuffs, and I don't think that's a coincidence; this website contributed to the expansion of the popularity of kandi cuffs. I know this because lots of people were wearing my patterns at raves! Sometimes people would see my cuffs and tell me about a cool website for kandi patterns (this one) laugh

A few years after I got into raves, I was able to meet up one of the kandi kid raver girls I originally admired on MySpace in 2006. She was at a rave I was at. We traded kandi and took a photo together awesome1

Apr 11, 2024 7:52 pm

my style is the opposite of the 2000 scene, I just make them for fun... but as for the kandi I got into it because at one point I was scene and I noticed it was a very big thing in the style.. started with 1 color singles and now I own 70+ kandi things happy

Apr 11, 2024 3:30 pm


Basically, in like 4th grade (I was like 8-9 or sm like that) I got introduced to perlers, and I made like-a LOT of them in daycare w my firneds (giggle giggle @milezthemoe giggle giggle) fast forward like 2 years (in October or November) I came across this website looking for patterns (which I only started like a day or two before I found this website,,) so I looked around, searched up what a cuff was, other Kandi things, and then ii was like "HOLEY SMOKES THATS AWESOMEE SAU CDE" and then I looked up a cuff tut (not really any specific one) and I saw a tut for a even peypte and then I dmde one and then fast forward to now I have a bag full of just Kandi. I never saw it in 2020 because I had like NO social media (didn't even know what dangonrapa was)

Im not talking about singles that was back in kindeergateren

sorry for my spellling...crying

Apr 11, 2024 2:46 pm

i was one of the bunny hat tiktok alt people back in 2020-2021. saw people wearing it and i knew i HAD to get into it bcz it looked so cool!!!tbh confetti

Apr 11, 2024 2:41 pm

Danganronpa (Mainly Ibuki) Cosplayers.

Apr 11, 2024 11:49 am

@Sparkly_cheeseburgers86: LITERALLLYY im like cooler then cool. stupendous if you will.

Apr 11, 2024 11:07 am

@TapDancingCats: literally the coolest