Why do my cuffs turn out so uneven?

Zoeymoocow 8/7/2014 06:44 pm 1522

I try not to do them too tight or too loose but they are still uneven and I always make sure I follow the patterns. What the heck is happening?!?!

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Aug 8, 2014 11:12 am
Like a multi stitch cuff? Start it out with an even number of beads ^-^
Aug 8, 2014 7:44 am
I don't know what you mean I uneven is it the the cuff it self or the pattern not lineing up there are two thing that it may happen 1 is when you tied the knot I may of came tight or loose and if its loose take the string ind thread I thorug some beads and that should fix that problem and the 2 one is if the the pattern isn't line up I could be the pattern if off some how that happened when I was making a paramour cuff I followed the pattern it didn't come out right so I had to modify a little I hope this helps