Anyone with experience using seed beads?

Sarracenia 12/3/2023 10:23 am 774

I recently got a HUGE collection of seed beads (the really tiny beads) from a neighbor who was getting rid of her collection. I’d like to use them to make kandi-style designs but smaller… for example, I think I could use them to make rotator rings using the same patterns as rotator cuffs with pony beads! If anyone has experience using these for kandi-style stitches, what string do you use? It seems most seed bead strings aren’t elastic, and I’m a little worried about that. Also, do you have any other tips for working with them?

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Dec 19, 2023 5:12 am

YA I USE THEM AND THEY A LIL B1TCH LET ME TELL U HASDFHKASFD, for string i just use the thin non fabric coated one but it breaks so if you can find a one that is fabric coated use thatdance

Dec 18, 2023 9:51 pm

they scare mecrying they’re just too smallkao sad

Dec 18, 2023 8:58 pm

Ive never uzed seed beadz before but a huge life saver for me that iz probably going to be a bigger life saver when uzing tiny beadz iz uzing a sewing needle to get the string through all your beadz!! I would literally be dying on the inzide if I had to string beadz by hand- (im impatient)

Dec 18, 2023 8:55 pm

i used those before i had pony beads

Dec 18, 2023 8:50 pm

i wouldn't waste time on it bc literally all the stuff i made with seed beads broke so fast and its really annoying when you spill them and gotta clean it up lol

Dec 5, 2023 11:40 am

@Sarracenia: it’s actually not as hard as one would expect. Also the wire I used was like yarn as in it had multiple strands making it up and I just tied to strands amongst each

Dec 5, 2023 9:04 am
@Sarracenia: It'll break, unfortunately. It's not meant for that kind of stress.
Dec 5, 2023 9:03 am

Back in the day we used to use dental floss.

Dec 4, 2023 12:49 pm

Dollar stores often have a pretty wide variety of different kinds of string for craft projects, so that might be a good idea! Failing that, some online stores also have a good amount too :3

Dec 4, 2023 8:57 am