the_fake_will_wood3 11/30/2023 05:10 am 244

so i recently found some of my old bracelets and they are mostly peyote

BUT they are way too small so i wanted to see if i could make them any bigger somehownahnah

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Nov 30, 2023 10:21 am

If you want to embiggen them and keep the pattern:

--Make sure you have enough of the same size and color of beads and cord before you start. If your new beads are obviously smaller or bigger, your cuff will end up lumpy. If you can only get bigger or smaller, it's best to totally redo the cuff and mix the sizes together to disguise the difference. Also check the old cord to make sure it's not degrading. If it is, or if you don't have the same cord, it's best to just remake the cuff now.

You can:

(a) Restring the old beads and add new ones, or

(b) Find the knot and cut it carefully. Take out a row of beads so you have enough to tie on more cord. Tie on the new cord with a good square knot. Put a drop of e6000 on the knot and let it dry. Trim the loose ends, or leave them until you're done and you can thread the end of the new cord through and tie it there. Add your new beads and tie them off. Knot, glue, and trim the ends. Good job!

Nov 30, 2023 5:21 am

maybe cut them (trust me lol) and then use the same beads on a different string? idk lol