Kandi market stall :) :)

GaI_KaNdI_Kid 11/25/2023 03:22 am 292

super excited, only a week until my stall at this market!

I am ofc selling kandi happy

it will be a pocket money market so I think it will appeal to the right audience( particularly the flower cuffs and charm singles)

also will be good to spread the culture of PLUR to future generations so it can live on!

any advice for market stalls and or marketing?

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Nov 25, 2023 8:39 pm

@SYRENHEAD: yeah, atm im not planning on doing this again( unless the market happens again), however, i will have clear pricing written down on some paper which will be taped to the table, I will also have a sheet with prices so it's easier to remember.

I know IKEA have peg boards which maybe i will get if i make enough from this market but i also have to keep in mind that I'm taking some money with me when i go interstate to surprise my friend.rainbowsmile

Nov 25, 2023 7:58 pm

im also someone who's been looking into getting into the boothing scene!! Friendliness is definitely a big thing. i've been to cons where i've come across unfriendly/unwelcoming vendors and it's deterred me from wanting to purchase from them lol. either breathing down people's necks while they're around to make sure they dont steal things or just seeming like they don't want to be there at all. You ofc dont need to be 100% energy all the time but a welcoming attitude is a big seller!!

also; having clear pricing is huge. even if they're just written on a chalkboard or something, it's good to have a clear indicator! if you're planning to do more booths in the future, invest in display items overtime. an eyecatching display is a great way to bring people in!!! It doesn't need to be put together all at once too. I'd recommend looking up booth displays and such to give yourself an idea of what you may want to do!

and most of all, just have fun with it!! I've only ever boothed twice before with little stock but it was such a fun experience, especially meeting new people who may have similar interests!! also, money is nice hehehehe w24

Nov 25, 2023 3:31 pm

hiiii! so i actually have worked stalls before for my gsa. my types are have signs, be nice and look welcoming at least (definitely smile), and all that! w02