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connorsentbycyberlyf 11/16/2023 06:52 am 372

so, i recently got back into making kandi,, i used to make a ton in 2020 but only singles because i genuinely dont know how to do any thing else! ive wanted to make cuffs for a while but i just dont know how? i think its because of the size and certain knots (Because i suck at tying knots) ? but any advice or help would be appreciqted! kitten

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Nov 16, 2023 11:38 am

i recommend starting with an even peyote cuff or an x-base cuff! there are tons of tutorials on youtube. also, the x-base is used for a lot of bigger projects ( rotating cuffs, most epic cuffs, ect. ) and theyre also super simple! hope this helps tbh jumpbeating heart

Nov 16, 2023 6:57 am

Okay, i have quite a bit of advice for you happy when you make big cuffs, try to use cloth coated elastic rather than the clear stuff, getting a yarn needle is also super helpful! I recommend making an even peyote as your first cuff, its very easy. Hazel muffins on yt has a great tutorial for it!! Its super easy to tie the knots at the ends too, you just normally tie it like 3-4 times. Hope this helps!! big grin