what would you want to see in a kandi shop?

manicpixiestardust 9/27/2023 09:09 am 167

hi! so, im making a depop shop for my kandi soon, and i was wondering what sort of things people would be interested in buying. irl my biggest sellers are kandi octopi, since they make great fidgets and are super cute! but online, im not sure what to focus on. i have lots of ideas, and was wondering which from this list you guys would want to see more of; octopi or other small 3d animals, charms for keychains, themed singles, 3d cuffs (rotating cuffs, carousel cuffs, etc), masks, spiked chokers, pride themed items, fandom or band themed items, clown/jester ruffle collars, patterned cuffs, kandi gloves of any kind, fidget/stim oriented items, kandi bikini tops, or larger projects such as wallets or small bags. i have more ideas, but those are my main focuses!

which of these would you be interested in buying? do you have any other recommendations? tbh jump

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