What kind of kandi do you like? (poll for shops, unfinished sheet added!)

Zombpuppies 9/25/2023 10:21 am 652

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Small update! The google sheet where im collecting all the info is now public! It is complete with themes, prices, general string prefs, and now add ons! Thank you all for participating :3333

Kandi poll sheet (Do note this is not finished! there is not much data on here currently, but prices and averages may help a small amount curently. feel free to comment on things so everything can be more accurate.)

Hey! I plan to update my shop with some new kandi soon, but I wanted everyone's opinion about their favorite kandi! I felt like a small poll would help not just me, but everyone else who is trying to update or start a shop.

Do you like more rave culture based kandi, character/fandom based kandi, or another type more? Explain if you have time!

Whats your favorite type of kandi? This can be as simple as a stitch or a finished product.

What do you think is an acceptable price for your preferred kind of kandi?

What string size/type do you prefer in your kandi?

My example:

I like character based kandi the most! Being able to show my interests by my clothing makes me very happy! I really like singles, but I also love bags! I really enjoy making larger pieces of kandi. I think $3-5 is ok for singles, but bags should be priced depending on time and amount of beads it took (small hand bags should go for $30-40+ and totes $70-80+ depending on if its x base or peyote stitch+type and amount of beads+time). For singles I like to use .8mm covered stretch cord, but for my bags I like to use a heavy weight fishing line! Currently i'm using 17 pound line.

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Sep 28, 2023 12:32 pm

cryinglaughi personally like to MAKE perlers, but i wouldn't buy them. i would buy bracelts that look like you could wear em' in school. i like regular ones, idk names kao lol

Sep 28, 2023 9:23 am

fandom and rave culture kandi :3

i personally like singles the most because it's easier to stack them (i love having a million different kandi pieces on at the same time), and theyre quick and easy to make and put on/take off

i think a fair price is like 3-5$ for 1-2 singles, theyre really not much unless they have special kinds of beads on them

i prefered covered elastic, clear string pisses me off beyond belief crying

Sep 28, 2023 7:44 am

both!, ufo and mini rotators, $12-$15 for ufo, $13-$20ish for mini rotator, the cloth covered stretch cord

Sep 28, 2023 5:45 am

i like music themed or seasonal themed kandi! masks, 3Dcuffs and rotators are cool And thos rainbow road cuffs are great! their easy to make too! and the cars anre 12$ for a 4pack at target!(idk where ur from but thats what they have here)happy

Sep 28, 2023 5:33 am

i love fandom based kandi!i have a bunch of music related kandi

i really like kandi you can stim with. also i make a bunch of star of david kandi and i like those

id say 2-3 dollars for a single, 4-5 dollars for a simple x cuff, and big rotating cuffs/stuff that has patterns on it obviously should cost more than that. do what you think is reasonable. though when i sell my kandi its usually for raising money for my synogauge so its a very Pay Whatever You Want Thing (one person donated 30 dollars for a star of david necklace, another donated 5)

plastic elastic string is more comfy for me but cloth covered elastic is more durable/less prone to dry rot

Sep 26, 2023 7:01 am

I really like more fandom/character or just random kandi! I like anything that is a cuff. Multi Stitch is pretty cool too! Singles are classic for any kandi shop. Bags are a fun one too. For cuffs it depends on the size of the cuff. But I'd be willing to pay 20. If the cuff has things like lights then id pay 25. It just all depends. Multi stitch cuffs like 15 because they are pretty complex. Singles like 3 bucks and bags like 40-60 bucks. Size doesnt matter but the string has to be fabric covered stretch cord. Its the most sturdy and for things like bags fishing line is a good option to keep the design in place. sorry if this is all over the place wacko

Sep 25, 2023 2:06 pm

Space or halloween based kandi

Sep 25, 2023 10:49 am


I really like making little multistitch cuffs and turning them into wallets, or small phone purses! I would maybe charge like 10 dollars for a basic pattern, (such as a pride flag or colors) and like 15 for a specific pattern! x3 Personally, i use cloth covered elastic because it doesnt break as easily! <3 /p

Sep 25, 2023 10:36 am

I rlly like fandom/character based kandi (I'm wearing my vita carnis singles rn lol) I like rotating cuffs the best!! I would personally pay $5 for like 2 singles beause I know how weird etsy's pricing policy is and you cant realy price anything under $2 since you'd get around nothing. (This is just my opinion!!)