Rant to me about things you hate

ANTH0NY 9/24/2023 10:24 pm 532

I want to read y'alls rants and to share one of my many so do tell your silly rants

ok so something that annoys me a lot is how people react to my name , I've never seen my name as special but literally every single person who ever hears my name immediately reply with "like monster high!" Now I'm sorry but idk shit about monster high and I didn't know a character from it had the same name until I was like 9 or 10 , then people want to give me nicknames (like if my name wasn't already short) and the first nickname they think of is fucking twilight/twilight sparkle

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Sep 26, 2023 6:32 am

"heh... im not like other people... i had unrestricted internet access and got into fnaf at 5 years old" SHUT UP.

Sep 26, 2023 4:35 am
Sep 26, 2023 1:38 am

i absolutely cannot stand the song shake it metro station. It tales a special kinds of annoying for me to hate a song. But this one somehow did it. The singers ascent make me so mad.

  • urlocalotherkin
Sep 25, 2023 10:41 pm

people that pretend vent

Sep 25, 2023 6:54 pm
@S4L3ML0V3SY0U: team jacob 4 life happy
Sep 25, 2023 6:52 pm

I JATE ALMOND MILK!!!!! it claims to b better for the planet but in reality, it’s grown in cali, which has rlly bad droughts, but needs tons of water to grow almonds. and bees rnt native to cali, so they imports millions of bees to pollinate almond flowers, but many die in the process of bringing them to cali, they are already endangered! if your lactose intolerant or vegan, try soy milk, it’s much healthier and more eco friendly beating heart

Sep 25, 2023 6:02 pm

@josuyasu: i say that but to kindergartens that i work with kao sad

or i say "Thats not very nice you could make someone sad"

but i do let them say "I dislike...." or "I strongly dislike"

Sep 25, 2023 5:34 pm

cw kinda a vent i guess? i just need to rant about this cus it makes me really fuckin mad - tw mentions of vape (im not the one doing it dw) and implied s/h

my stepsibling and their gf are always going in a hidden place to vape and make out n shit whenever we hang out after school and i hate it. theyre overly open about it and overshare a lot too. i've specifically said that vaping n stuff like that is triggering to me but they wont stop. its really pissing me off, especially when they did it again today. i never see them doing it but i know theyre doing it whenever they are. it makes me so upset and today they did it again and i ended up messin' up my arm a bit more than usual because of it.. i wanna be passive aggressive about it or talk to them about it so badly but im too afraid of confrontation lol

Sep 25, 2023 5:22 pm
@S4L3ML0V3SY0U: I’m only really invested in Edward because I was a cringe middle schooler and it’s just too hard to let him go haha
Sep 25, 2023 5:20 pm

My school

The freshmen are absolutely feral. They try their best to hurt one another and disrupt class in all ways possible (idk if I can even be specific lmao) to the point the teacher don’t even have control over them. Apparently even some middle school teachers called the high school and were like “ha yeah, good luck with them!”

The principal is absolutely obsessed with vaping. Took us out of class to give like an hour lecture about how it makes the school look bad and how you’ll get into legal trouble if you do it (absolutely nothing about the bad health effects haha). They are putting in metal detectors and these vape detectors in the bathroom, while the art classes have to put water in acrylic paint to make it last longer.

(Kinda back on the freshmen thing) Stuff is always broke and nasty. Like for example, one day in class we heard a loud bang and real loud rushing water. A classmate who was using the bathroom walks in and says “Hey, someone busted a sink.” Teacher goes to investigate and someone had like hit the faucet and water was spraying up towards the ceiling. It took like a good 10 minutes for the office staff to come up and the principal had to get in the water to turn it off.
We got banned from eating outside at lunch for like a week because people would dump their trash just on the ground instead of the multiple trash cans right next to the tables.

Everybody and everyone is just plain mean for no real good reason. People will come up and shove their camera in your face and just scream. I feel like a damn circus act everyday because I have the audacity to dress the way I like (real metal lol).

The staff never really talks about stuff that would help students as long as it means people are in the buildings. Things like early graduation and taking multiple credit courses a year and stuff you apparently have to specifically ask about. I didn’t even need to go to school this year if I a had known I could take an extra math class last year, but no one told me! The only reason I am even considered for early graduation now is because I’m being bullied real hard and told the school I was going to transfer out lol (even then it’s not promised I’ll get in to it).

Thank you for this thread, I really needed to get that out haha skull