psychoanalyze me based offa lyrics i relate to

urmajestystimz 9/24/2023 06:31 pm 142

this is like the "psychoanalyze me based offa my kins" thread i posted a while back, but with song lyrics :] you can also put lyrics ya relate to as well happy

Should I choose a noble occupation | If i did i'd only show up late and sick and they | would stare at me with hatred, plus | my only natural talent's wasted on | my alcoholic friends [My Alcoholic Friends- The Dresden Dolls]

Now, whats gonna happen | When I'm standing still | 'Cause what's "now" is empty | 'Cause it's empty | The scent after it rains | I kinda feel like i'm almost gonna remember something | But that's a waste of time | Why won't I understand that? | I can only live in the present | Of course, only the future opens | I'll just move forward along that path | I decided to think that way | But | It's black, black, black, black, black | Black, blackness assails me | Back then, | So long ago, back then, it was a good time | I am being trapped by the past [Trapped in the Past - TUYU]

Caught in my fantasies | Dont look inside pandora's box | Push down the jealousy | No, nobody needs to know | Please, dont think less of me! | Im but a lonely soul, you see | Oh, what a shame | I've gone insane | It shouldve been me | I oughta be there by your side | Just think of all the possibilities | That we could bring to life! | It shouldve been me | I think i need you to survive | So now its your responsibility | To make me stay alive [It Should've Been Me - R.I.P]

if i think o' any more i'll add 'em lol

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Sep 24, 2023 6:43 pm

I wanna make it, but how is it and what’s kins (?

Esta interesante y quiero hacerlo en conjunto a un proyecto titulado manifiesto de muerte hacia xx xxx : análisis psicológico ante la degradación moral, espiritual física y psicológica de la Shayito