Deleting active kandi patterns?

NovaUnion 6/7/2014 06:47 pm 564

Is there any way of deleting any kandi patterns I have created and put on the site? I have made quite a few patterns that I don't want to be associated with (the Lapfox ones, for those of you who know what happened a few months ago). They now carry negative vibes and are supportive of someone who's done horrible things. They don't necessarily have to be deleted, I simply want them removed from my profile and would like to no longer be seen as the one who designed them. Is there any possibility that an option to do this will be added to the site? Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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Jun 8, 2014 5:04 am
I responded to you via message but I'll reply here too in case anyone has the same question. Right now I don't have plans to add that as a feature for a number of reasons, but if you message me and tell me which patterns you want removing or disconnecting from your username and profile, I can do it for you.
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