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Wrist sizing?

KenzehTheKandiPandah 5/17/2014 12:50 am 5776

I want to make a bracelet for my LDR boyfriend to give to him when we meet, but I want to make sure it fits. How can I determine if I need to make it 32 beads wide or 30,28, etc? Could I ask him to get some string, put it around his wrist loosely and measure it then I could cut a piece of string with his measurements and see how many beads are needed? Or is there an easier way? Thank you c:

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May 17, 2014 6:31 am
The most precise way would be to use the string like you mentioned. If you're making a cuff, you also need to consider how tall the cuff is. His wrist might be 32 beads, but if the cuff goes up to his upper forearm and his upper forearm needs 36 beads, you would have to make the entire cuff 36 for it to fit him. You might want to add on an extra 2-4 beads if it's a cuff, because cuffs fit tighter than single stranded bracelets. Men's hands are often much bigger than their wrists so you also need to make sure that his hand can fit through it. After he uses the string, have him check that he can fit his hand through. Another tip: be sure to use cloth-covered elastic rather than plastic string like Stretch Magic. This will make the cuff much stretchier and will improve the chances of it fitting him. If it's a tiny bit too small and you're using plastic string, it will stretch out and snap over time. If you use good quality cloth-covered elastic, it won't matter if it's a tiny bit too small because the elastic will be able to handle the stretching.