(cw vent) am i being too clingy

Mama_WeAllGo2Hell 7/11/2023 03:08 pm 311

so i have a stepsibling the same age as me, we'll just call her E. this summer she's been staying at her mom's house a lot, and we really only see each other once every two weeks most of the time. my phone isnt working and i cant text her, so we contact each other through our school emails. whenever we're talking irl, shes fine talking to me and stuff. but in emails she seems more dry and annoyed. she usually ignores my messages until i send a seperate message asking if the messages from before went through, and 99% of the time the mesages did go through, she just never answered them? this has been happening more and more and i feel like she's getting sick of me. it happens more every day and keeps making me feel worse about myself. i wanna keep talking to her but it feels like im being annoying and clingy. i dont wanna bother her, but not being able to talk to her just hurts me even more. i feel like an annoying piece of shit about it and im afraid of confronting her about it, since she's been going through some stuff and i dont wanna make her feel guilty about anything.. i dont wanna seem selfish about all this. i dont wanna take up all of E's time and space. am i being too clingy? am i being annoying? i dont know what to do or how she thinks of me anymore, and i dont know if i can take this anymore.

and i know im not really supposed to vent on here and im sorry about that, but i have nowhere else to go since E is usually the person i go to to vent.

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Jul 12, 2023 6:53 am

@Otis_spacecowboy: i relate to this sm

Jul 11, 2023 11:39 pm

for me at least i stuggle with texting people everyday, sometimes i just need a break until i can anser specialy if they are more high energy type. specily scince you said shes going though stuff maybe everything is just to much and she would rather talk inperson as talking thoug emails is very clunky and awekward

Jul 11, 2023 5:55 pm

I don’t think you sound annoying or clingy at all. I had a friend that would do this and I have no clue why she did it even to this day. How I dealt with it was I just kinda stopped caring when she didn’t respond. If she did, great! But if she didn’t I just remembered that that’s because of her not me. Idk what else to say, but I hope this helps and I hope it didn’t come off as rude idk

Jul 11, 2023 5:45 pm

Okay. Some people are just awful at email, even if it's their job (smoke comes out of ears) and it may only be that. If she's going through stuff, sometimes that can make easy tasks, even ones you enjoy, difficult or even impossible. I doubt she wants you to feel bad, though that's unfortunately the effect.

So. You may want to discuss it with her the next time you meet, or you may want to email her. Either way, when you approach, don't make accusations and don't go too hard about it making you feel bad - if she's in the dumps, making her feel worse won't help.. Maybe try something like, E, buddy, my pal, I know you're going through stuff. I want you to know I'm here if you need to talk. I also really miss you, and I miss talking to you however we can. I don't want to pressure you or make you feel overwhelmed or annoy you, but I miss our email exchanges. Do you need me to cut back? Do you need alone time? Do you like email but can't always answer? Would you like weird letters? All this in vviolettese of course.