kandi mask but different

_AXE_ 6/2/2023 06:32 pm 290

so like i wanna make a kandi mask but like one that covers my whole face, not just my nose and mouth. it'll have eye holes of course, but idk how to go about it?

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Jun 2, 2023 9:04 pm

@50_shadez_of_green: idk, i was thinking it would be kinda simillar to a regular kandi mask where you make a flat panel and tie the slits closed so it'll fit properly on ur face, i've thought about how i'd make it, i just dont know how i'd do the holes for the eyes, or how i would make it stay on my face

Jun 2, 2023 8:08 pm


will it be like a single panel, or like 3d/have dimensions??

i recommend looking at backpack tuts if itll have dimensions, ik some of them show how to like tie off or add panels