why are my parents being mean to me for no reason(slight vent)

Miya 3/23/2023 04:00 pm 226

like i didnt do anything wrong cryingi dont like being bullied by adults so i usually 'back talk" but when your gonna bully me for no reason then punish me when i say something back just isnt fair.. And they know its ruff for me right now because they took everything i really have and wont let me tak to my friends sad i also cant really play anygames or draw because they took my ipad aand phone

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Mar 23, 2023 4:21 pm

@Miya: yippie!!! i'm still 13 so i can't get a job lol

Mar 23, 2023 4:18 pm

Ugh I just hate when my parents are just acting shit1 crying

Mar 23, 2023 4:16 pm

@kitten4haida: true,i just wish i could take my dog with me. hes prob gonna stay at the barn with my mom by time im old enough to move out. im just exited to get a job so i can have freedeom with my own money and wont be told what to do with my own money.

Mar 23, 2023 4:06 pm

i' so sorry abt that, but hey! you only hve to live there for just a lil more, then you get to move!! atleast thats what i tell myselftinybat

Mar 23, 2023 4:03 pm

and i hate when my dad throws stuff at the dogs when they dont listen,like bro its a dog give him a minute