monologue recs??

sagepawzzz 3/21/2023 02:09 pm 114

so like i have a fine arts fair audition thingy tmrw but i have like no clue what monologue i should audition with fhjdgj

me, being a Shakespeare enthusiast wants to do "Or, if there were a sympathy in choice," by Lysander but I'm scared that the lexile is too high

I'm not sure about who'll exactly be at the fair so I'm scared that if there were a bunch of people younger than me there, no one would understand it gfdjghfdj. (im in 8th, which is like 13-14 y/os)

i'd appreciate any recommendations cause man- i sure am panicking rn gfdjghdf

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Mar 21, 2023 3:24 pm

@S0ur_K4nd1: OH MY GOSH TYSM!! my head was like so blank ahhh

Mar 21, 2023 3:19 pm

When I want to do something more serious, I will take snippets from the Bojack Horseman episode "Free churro". If you didn't know, the entire episode is a monologue/obituary and has really good pacing so its easy to pull out a paragraph and still have it make sense. Hope this helped!