not currently living animal TW :( + Shrinky dinks

kandii_kid 3/18/2023 06:52 pm 64

mushroom scene

(this is kind of rambling)

My friends said they found a dead dog near 5 below / Petco , i didn't believe them , so we went on a walk to there so they could show me and my friend bugs cousins. They showed me, it was real . it was in a plastic bag and it was dark out so we didn't get a good look at it. but its a pug. I feel so bad for them cause someone probably unalived their dog , or it may have died at petco and they threw it back their. (they could, have at least buried it. happy) The worst part is bugs cousin started fake crying, then giggling. like bro its not fucking funny :[

Oh also Shrinky dinks are so awesome, i've made a few charms out of them reaper

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Mar 18, 2023 7:14 pm

Call your local animal control and tell them what you saw. If it's a missing dog, the owner will be grateful to know it's been found. If it's P*tco, it needs to be reported. No matter what, it's a health hazard. You'll be doing good. loveletter