Does anyone know how to make a 3d kandi togepi?

UpWithTheRythem 6/4/2012 06:19 am 996

I am hoping to find someone who knows how to, because I was shown one my friend was traded and they are toolooo cutehappy

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  • jellybelly8562
Jun 8, 2012 9:14 pm
from the looks of it its a extended 3d pokeball follow the tutorial but pattern it differently and make it longer then just do the arms legs and top it looks like they strug it put three beads on and then skipped a bead and strung it throug for the legs and th arms, and for the top try skipping 3 beads and putting five or seven on and do it all the way around and tie it off Hope This Helped if u have questions just inbox me oh and before you close the top of the togepee body try filling it with some stuffing from and old pillow or somthing to prevent it from losing shape big grin