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Dannysrs 1/1/2023 11:42 pm 316

In the pattern maker, why is the limit for perler patterns 50x50? The average perler board is 29x29, so even making the limit be 2 boards would be 58x58. Just curious, thanks w09

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Jan 2, 2023 3:00 am

@Crumpet: I see, thank you for answering and for working hard to keep this site going!

Jan 2, 2023 1:41 am

It’s kept to a small limit because it’s not optimized enough yet and on many browsers it would crash. It already crashes sometimes as it is. The limit will expand once it’s safe to do so. I don’t want to increase the risk of people losing their patterns sad

58 might be a small enough increase to be safe though. It’s hard to say because I can’t recall how risky 50 was and don’t have adequate debugging tools right now to compare the difference. I’ve done a bit of work over Christmas on improving the debugging but it needs more