Hair help

ChaosCubeCouncil 11/19/2022 07:36 am 197

So I'm an Enby FTM and want some hair help, heres some examples of the kind of hair I wan





Any pics/suggestions? If the photo you have doesn't upload you can messsage me big grin

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Nov 20, 2022 6:54 pm

@Cicey_Kandiii: my hair is thick & is naturally fluffy like that due to the thickness, if you’ve never had your hair that short before maybe try & out & see how it looks! they also sell different shampoos & conditioners that help make your hair more fluffy after washing it raccoon

Nov 19, 2022 3:12 pm

honestly same but i'm scared that I wouldn't be able to pull it off and my hair is way too thick to stay fluffy for it crying

Nov 19, 2022 2:00 pm

I got hair like that actually (just grown out cuz I'm too lazy to cut it and a fringe) I kinda gota overgrown mullet when I got it cut (WITHOUT SHAVING THE SIDE BITS!!!) I usually just style it every day with a straighter. Udk if this is much help but I tried shrug

Nov 19, 2022 1:20 pm

I would say wolf cut it then just cut the back shorter that's what I did and my hair looks like that