neopronouns and xenogender presentation that i need help with /lh

chaoticender 9/29/2022 06:25 pm 185

hi! so for context i lead a trans support group at my school and some of the kids who come there and the adult who moderates the group dont really know what xenogenders and neopronouns are/how to use neos. so im making a presentation for the next group meeting, and idk what info to put on it lol. i got basic definitions down, but anyone have a good way of explaining how to use neos or like good websites that give good explanations? /nf (i can link the presentation if that'll help too, lemme know : )

thank you eyeroll

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Sep 29, 2022 6:54 pm

Hi! i am xenogender and use neos so i can give the definitions i use to explain them to people :]

Neopronoun: A neopronoun is a pronoun that is “new” (coming from the word neo). Despite their name, neopronouns have actually been used for hundreds of years, with one of the oldest recorded neopronouns coming from 1789! Many people who feel uncomfortable being referred to with he/him, she/her, they/them or it/its use neopronouns instead as they’re simply more comfortable. If you’re ever unsure of how to use a certain neopronoun, simply ask the person who uses them how to use them and they’re more than likely going to be perfectly happy to help you learn

Xenogender: A xenogender is a gender identity that is described outside of the boundaries of typical language associated with gender. Xenogenders aren’t defined by being masculine, feminine or neutral but instead by comparison to things, feelings, places, etc., kind of like a metaphor or simile. Many xenogenders were created to express specific experiences that neurodivergent people have in relation to gender, especially autistic people, though neurotypical people can still use xenogenders. Many people who use xenogenders will also use neopronouns to reflect their gender identity’s existence outside of masculinity/feminity/neutrality

You could also provide some examples of neopronouns and how to use them and some xenogenders even. also has some stuff on xenogenders and the history of neopronouns, so i would recommend checking that out too

Hope this helped and I hope your presentation goes well :]

Sep 29, 2022 6:39 pm

i think pronounspage has a thing where it explains how to use neos