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I just felt like creating a new survey for everyone to get to know each-other more and just find out things about them. *How long have you been making kandi? *Rave Name? *Rate your kandi making 1-10. *Where you get your beads? *String you use? *Favorite type of kandi(s)? *Do you live by P.L.U.R.? *Hobbies? *Favorite color(s)? *Favorite bands/singers/dancers? *favorite actors/actresses? Bye for now lovies. ^-^

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Sep 22, 2014 3:16 pm
A few days - 1 Michael's Stretch line Cuffs and posters I try my best... Drawing, reading, listening to music BLACK, BLACK, AND MORE BLACK!!!!!!!! Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, Edguy, Avantasia, and Voltaire -
Jul 8, 2013 6:31 am
-i wanna say around 2 years but idk -i dont really rave but i like the names FunSize or PurplSevens -personally if u dont think ur kandi deserves a 20/10 the take it apart and start over -mostly Pat Catans sometimes Walmart -i dont know the name of it but when i cant find that i use Bead n Stretch -i mostly wear singles but i really like cuffs -idk -this is my hobby - purple, black and crimson -SNSD and SHINee -Johnny Depp i guess
Jun 27, 2013 12:43 am
~Since fall of '12 ~Desii Bearr ~6 or 7 ~Wherever they're cheapest. usually Walmart ~Bead 'N' StretchCuffs of 3d's ~Fuck yes!! ~Reading o; ~Black,Light Blue ~BVb,Paramore,Macklemore,Deadmau5,Joel Sandberg ~Jenifer Lorance or Adam Sandler
May 26, 2013 6:58 pm
*How long have you been making kandi? --I have been making patterns for 5 days. *Rave Name? --I do not have one *Rate your kandi making 1-10. --My kandi pattern making I'd rate myself about an 8. Just because I'm new and I think I'm doing quite well. *Where you get your beads? We get my wife's beads from Walmart, Michaels, Hobby lobby, amazon, ebay, she has a few other locations she can get them from for a reasonable price. *String you use? --My wife uses fireline, elastic, and I'm not sure of what else. I can't remember. *Favorite type of kandi(s)? bag panels. I love to see the big picture and it can really be amazing once it's done! *Do you live by P.L.U.R.? --Since I have just recently found out what that means, I'm going to try! *Hobbies? --Reading, Writing, Spending time with my wife and our kids, making patterns, working, drawing, etc. *Favorite color(s)? --Blue, Rainbow, Green Camouflage *Favorite bands/singers/dancers? --Shine Down, Reba, Cher, The Carpenters, there are so many! I'm very eclectic! *favorite actors/actresses? --Actress: Sandra Bullock
May 25, 2013 12:48 pm
*How long have you been making kandi? Couple months. XD *Rave Name? Don't have one .-. *Rate your kandi making 1-10. 6 if I'm actually trying. Sometimes I get lazy XD *Where you get your beads? Walmart *String you use? Bead 'n Stretch *Favorite type of kandi(s)? I like 3Ds *Do you live by P.L.U.R.? I try *Hobbies? Drawing, Painting, kandi obviously XD *Favorite color(s)? Red *Favorite bands/singers/dancers? I have a lot but I'll just name a few...Deadmau5, Skrillex, Pierce the Veil, and Green Day *favorite actors/actresses? Don't have one
May 23, 2013 6:48 pm
*How long have you been making kandi? A few months. I'm a n00b XD *Rave Name? coughcoughUNDERAGEcough *Rate your kandi making 1-10. 4 :/ *Where you get your beads? Michaels, Walmart, Target when I cross the border *String you use? Elastic, and sometimes the clear stuff in a pinch *Favorite type of kandi(s)? SINGLES! I HAVE A TON! *Do you live by P.L.U.R.? I try, I mean I like the concept, but it's hard to do sometimes > *Hobbies? Drawing, listening to music, reading, wasting time, and kandi i guess (still a n00b though) *Favorite color(s)? Urple, green *Favorite bands/singers/dancers? Deadmau5, Kaskade (hence the username) coughcoughMaroon5cough *favorite actors/actresses? idk...
May 23, 2013 3:49 pm
*How long have you been making kandi? Exactly 1 year, one month, and 16 days! *Rave Name? I don't rave yet but My nickname is Ninny :3 *Rate your kandi making 1-10. I'd say a 7 or 8 only because I can't enough beads to make so much kandi >~< If I DID then I'd give myself a 9 xP *Where you get your beads? WalMart, Michaels, and Johann's *String you use? Bead n' Stretch and Magic stretch *Favorite type of kandi(s)? Peyotes, perlers, singles, 3Ds,...EVERYTHING! XP *Do you live by P.L.U.R.? I try to as much as I can. I'd say I'm PLUR 98.9% of the time. I doubt anyone can be PLUR 100% of the time. *Hobbies? Making kandi, listening to music, writing music, writing stories and poetry, reading, singing, playing bass, playing ukulele, and playing baseball *Favorite color(s)? RAINBOW!!! <3 *Favorite bands/singers/dancers? Pierce The Veil, Suicide Silence, OfMice&Men, The Bunny The Bear, Awolnation, and BOTDF *favorite actors/actresses I'm in LOVE with Robert Downy Jr. and Emma stone (Holy sexiness xD)
May 23, 2013 2:22 pm
1. 3 years. c: 2. dollface cx 3. eh 7 or 8 4. walmart cx 5. Bead n' stretch 6. peyotes and 3d's 7. of course ! 8. kandi making and i play bass in my band ^-^ 9.purple 10. black veil brides, of mice and men, pierce the veil, things like that cx 11. Johnny Depp D
May 23, 2013 10:07 am
1) almost two years 2) I don't rave 3) proably an 8 or 9 4) walmart, hobby lobby, michaels 5) bead n stretch and stretch magic 6) peyote pieves 7) not really into plur 8) music, art, and making kandi haha 9) Black and purple 10) i have WAY too many bands to name, but MCR, FOB, PATD, SWS, PTV, ATL, OMAM, and a lot more 11) i dont really watch movies D:
Apr 28, 2013 2:27 pm
1) For a few months 2) I don't rave 3) 8 4) WALMART 5) I use Clear Stretch Cord, and Fishing Line 6) Peyotes, Cuffs, Necklaces 7) Sure 8) Playing trumpet, guitar, piano, singing, having a conversation with my crush , and MAKING KANDI 9) Black and Neon 10) BVB, FIR, BOTDF, PTV, SWS, ADTR, WIM, AAS, AA, CTE, Michael Buble, and many more 11) James Fronco