I need OC ideas, I'm desperate.

TotallyTurbo 3/20/2022 01:24 pm 129

I'm trying to make a new set of characters that are all in a band together, like an indie rock band, and I don't know what to do for their designs or story. I'm having trouble finding inspiration as well. Any ideas? I'd love to hear them! (For context there are 5 members in the band and they can be of any gender, like I said I have no idea what to do for them I got this idea at 2 am) that and I wanted to make sure characters as well for the story and I need ideas for that too, anything helps.

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Mar 20, 2022 1:42 pm

give me a punk trans dude who's the one holding that band together and does most of the lyric writing. Works at an old movie theater and can rattle off movie facts, like huge film freak but his favorites are the worst horror movies he can find on random illegal websites. High constantly.

a classically trained pianist who's trying to get away from her overbearing parents and their expectations. Burnt out gifted kid vibes. She does back up vocals and all the screaming from all that pent up rage

indie hippie boy who's madly in love with the punk boy. He writes most of the sheet music and he's on drums. They go to shows in his van and for some reason he always has popcorn. Makes the best coffee and makes their own tea blends. Throws crystals at people yelling "fix your vibes"

nonbinary vampire goblin who keeps stealing peoples guitar picks. Doesn't sleep during the day but won't calf the fuck down at like two in the morning. Chronic internet addict so they run the bands socials and books the shows. For how little they leave the house they are surprisingly social.

artsy girl who designs the album covers and painted the band a huge banner. She uses her poetry skills to help write the songs. Gives the other members stick and poke tattoos. Also high all the time. Dresses like she walked out of the 80s. Works at an arcade and loves old video games.

Just a few ideas

Mar 20, 2022 1:42 pm

i had a band idea awhile back but my fav design was somebodys kid sister who would play. might be a fun idea.