Anyone want to be friends?

00_rainbow_socks 3/16/2022 02:26 am 95

Anyone who would like to be friends? im 15 (06), my pronouns are any neopronouns but if you have a hard time with using neos you can just use he/him (just dont use she/her or they/them).

Here are some of my interests: Minecraft, Lemon Demon, Lovejoy and im starting to like Will Wood and Tally Hall!!

My discord is coby#1283

Also i think i should mention that i have tourettes so dont be surprised if i tic!!

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Mar 16, 2022 5:50 am

hi! im 16, I use he/they/xe pronouns, I'm autistic, and I like pretty much all ur interests (plus the legend of zelda & 3DS hacking/cfw). My discord is branarbi#4678 if u want to be friends =D