How do I "size" a bikini?

matches_2001 5/16/2012 12:06 am 15683

I am a large topped lady and I want to make a bikini for summer... but I am not sure how to start it and get it to the right size while keeping to the design as they are posted. any help would be SUPER appreciated! if it helps I need it for a 34 DD. ;winking I don't want to make something that the girls will fall out of. Thanks!

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Aug 13, 2022 8:14 am

@Tatteddoll395: 3 years later ... laugh I use 50LB test fishing line for the bikini tops, bags, and masks and I use elastic cord (not the plastic stuff but the actual string stuff) for the bracelets. There is a seed bead string that is comparable to fishing line that one is .8mm by mandala crafts.

Apr 30, 2020 10:02 am

@mermaidcutie: thanks for the link. seems to be useful. working as a healthy recipes chef and i just started. still learning and a lot of read. thanks

  • Rae
Apr 11, 2020 8:00 pm

@ssresen2: what do you do for the curve I notice that on my 2 I made

Mar 7, 2019 10:53 pm

I’m very new to kandi and am curious as to which cord would work best when making a top

Jun 23, 2012 6:16 pm
I'm a 34 D, and have made lots for my friends of all sizes. In general I say 20 rows for an A cup and add two for every cup size. But you should be warned that for the bigger sizes this means that where the triangles meet gets higher and higher up. So once people get to the D or DD size they sometimes make the triangles smaller and then use a band to connect them. But your biggest problem is going to be getting the cups to curve around your boob, and not leave gaping on either side. If you do run into that problem, send me a message and I will try to tell you what I did to make it curve.
May 27, 2012 1:53 am
You basically start it the same way as any other but instead of using a pre-generated pattern, make you own. Thats the only way it will work properly for you. Take your most suportive bra, line up the pyote first part before you start to taper and make sure it lines up with the proper height of your actual bra. Then count how many beads up it took you(not total beads) then you would download beadtool if you dont already have it and use that to make a template for a pattern for the number of beads up you need then you could try and use an already made pattern to base your new pattern off of. I would show you with pictures what I mean but my dad just re-did my computer and now my prnt screen is not working. hope i worded everything well enough to understand
May 19, 2012 1:58 pm try this?
May 19, 2012 12:07 pm
The sizing suggestions work well most of the time, but a sure fire way to get the cup the right height would be to measure yourself. Either your best fitting bikini top or just decide how high up you want it to come. Create the cup size to that length. The worst thing is to make a bikini and end up with it not fitting. For the sizing around, you just have to measure (again). Personally I like it a little tight rather than to loose. Good luck (:
  • xxpyrosgirlxx2
May 17, 2012 11:13 pm
if were talking a kandikini i always do 30 rows for me, and I'm a D, and I add two rows or subtract two rows for every size. like D=30, C=28, B=26... so on
  • ohaidakotahhh
May 16, 2012 10:30 am
I make a lot of bras, but I've never done a DD, I've always wanted to though! What I would do, is measure the area where you want to bra to cover your breast(I would say from under the breast to just above the nipple), and make the height of the bra that big in inches! For the back strap it's a lot easier; once you've finished the main part that covers your breasts, connect them together then measure under the breast all the way around to get the length of the back strap say it's 33" and include the main part in the back strap length. So for example someone is 33" around and your main part is 15 inches across so you would only need to make the backstrap 18" to fit. For the neck just adjust as needed to you!