Rave as a 16th birthday party? Good or Bad?

PikaGirl 1/28/2013 06:55 pm 782

My 16th birthday is coming up and I was thinking of having a rave type or theme, a neon anime rave to be precise. Would you say it'd be a good idea or not? I'm hoping to have like a table with beads and string and glow sticks and other stuff like that so my fiends can make a single or more and trade them with other friends at the rave party. And an anime cosplay contest as a bonus, winner gets something like my slinky cuff or a picture cuff or something. I'm aiming to combine everything I love into one day. Not all my friends know each other so they will hopefully make new friends. So is this a good idea to introduce my friends to all this or not?

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Jan 29, 2013 6:03 pm
I think it's an AWESOME idea laughing My friend is having a rave for her birthday to and I'm helping her plan it. Have fun and happy birthday!! (Almost) xP
Jan 29, 2013 5:17 pm
I think it's a great idea. Do what you want to do for your party. Quite frankly, I wish I were going. XD It sounds like so much fun! Kandi and cosplaying and anime and glow sticks....paradise. ^.^ Happy (Almost) Sweet Sixteen! love struck