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Last online: 10-18-2021 6:33am
  • Gender: Demiandsrogynous (Any pronouns )
  • Ur Mom, Ur Bed, I Fricked Ur Mom In Ur Bed
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Hellllllooooo my name is pebble

I like boba,kandi,rocks,animals,stuffies,fake tails,anime,manga

I dislike no sound,to much sound,the dark,when you raise ur voice by 1%

I am a furry/cosplayer/age regresser

If you wanna know what a age regresser is it’s basically a good and heathy way to cope (not a k!n&)

I am currently learning morse code and trying to get into witchcraft with out my parents knowing

Ngl I’m a rlly weird person (if you actually get to know me I’m rlly kind)

@cottencandy024 <—-my tiktok

@Cotten1Candy24 <—- my wattpad

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