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I have no beads for now but i really enjoy creating patterns !

Sunday May 28, 2023, 9:18 AM




Last online: 7-20-2023 4:40am
  • Gender: non-binary (He/They)
  • France
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27 y-o non binary (he/they) autistic human

When I'm not at work or sleeping I play videogames, draw or read books. All of my patterns (at least for now) are made by me and inspired by games I enjoy.

I don't have the required material to make kandi for now and since i'm not sure my adhd will allow me to concentrate enough to make anything, i'm just making pattern :) Thanks for your kind words regarding my patterns. Don't hesitate to submit ideas.

/!\ I accept friend request but be aware that I won't talk to/befriend minors, as it makes me uncomfortable and I believe it would be inappropriate.

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