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boy kisser

Sunday Jul 18, 2021, 10:49 AM




Last online: 8-02-2021 8:08pm

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hi im rex !! i uze he/xe/they/nya prnz, and im a gay mixed tranz boy im also 13 so plz dont be weird >_<

some of mai interestz rn r genshin, death note, nana, yttd, kandi and a lot more but thoze r mai biggezt onez rn !! i have all of my interestz nd other stuff abt me in my carrd !

ive been making kandi since october 2020 but i got super into it in april 2021

ive made multi and peyote cuffz, singlez, maskz, x basez, a ladder stitch, and a few 3d cuffz !

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