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fuck off

Monday Jun 14, 2021, 8:23 AM




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hi. im ava.

im 13

i am in fact, bisexual


my TikTok: shhavassecretaccount you can follow me if you want

my discord is avas dick #6472. i do not have a dick but thats besides the point

my only irl friend is a stuffed mouse <3

favorite shows/movies: stranger things, harry potter, outer banks, all the bright places, enola holmes, the umbrella academy, gravity falls, the conjuring, the conjuring 2, and anime in general (kind of)

favorite songs: new flesh by current joys, kids by current joys, hey kids by molina, looking out for you by joy again, freaks by surf curse, any song by one direction

i despise trumpies, homophobes, racism, transphobia, and a vast majority of people.

i collect rocks and squishmallows

feel free to send a friend request if youre under 18.

i seem quite boring, but dont worry i am


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