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hallo ! im rat / ghost and im a gay trans minor ! i need and use tone tag bc of my neurodivergence ! im inclus and i also have different tqs at different times ! im a sinlget

i label hoard a lot but here my basics ! gay,, queer,, aro,, ace,, polyam,, neuro-,, orientationhoarder,, trans,, xeno,, and genderhoarder

[interests] hyperfixtations / special interests:

coraline,, crankgameplays,, doctor who,, five nights at freddys,, game/film theorists ,, jacksepticeye,, little misfortune ,, little nightmares,, lovejoy ,, ludwig,, markiplier,, minecraft,, over the garden wall,, philza,, pirates of the caribbean,, punz,, ranboo,, resident evil 8,, sherlock (bbc),, slimecicle,, technoblade ,, ted nivison,, tommyinnit ,, tubbo,, unus annus,, wilbur soot,, anything gay

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