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I will not shut the fuck up about Jason Todd, Technoblade, and Party Poison

I like making cuffs based off of my favorite characters, ships, and bands! I will now list my current obsessions, stick around if you see something you like :]

Media I enjoy: DSMP, Care Bears, Batman, Teen Titans, Gravity Falls, LEGO Ninjago, Percy Jackson and all related series, MLPFIM, Good Omens, Death Note, The Umbrella Academy, Danger Days, Welcome to Night Vale, Sanders Sides, Batman Comics, The Sandman series (comics and tv)

Music I enjoy: Set It Off, My Chemical Romance, David Bowie, The Young Veins, Jon Walker Lovejoy, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Mountain Goats, Waterparks, Modern Baseball, Meet Me @ The Altar, Baby Storme, Sleeping With Sirens, Cake, Panic! At The Disco (fuck brendon urie), Rights of Spring, Gray Matter, Covey, Days N Daze, IDKHOW, The Brobecks, Lemon Demon

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