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dOnT bOtHeR mE, iM lIsTeNiNg To ThE lIvInG tOmBsToNe >:3

Friday Dec 4, 2020, 4:48 PM




Last online: 4-16-2021 4:59am
  • Gender: NoN-bInArY (ThEy/ItS/cHaR)
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hI mY nAmE iS sPriTe! Im SiXtEeN yEaRs OlD aNd Am FaIrLy NeW tO kAnDi, bUt I sTiLl ReAlLy EnJoY iT :D

sOmE oThEr ThInGs I eNjOy ArE: aNiMe, RoLlEr SkAtInG, aRt, AnD a LoT mOrE.

i Am A tRaNs MaSc. NoNbInArY pErSoN, tOo :3

I hOpE wE cAn Be FrIeNdS :DDD !!1!1

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