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Hey! I'm sorry I haven't been online for like........ several months. I've been having an identity crisis pretty much. I found out that I'm nonbinary (I'm not sure yet, I might be demigirl but idk) and prefer they/them pronouns, as well as a new name (Bunny). You can now find me on pinterest and spotify @Bunnyboo (Bunny_boo on pinterest) so feel free to check me out there!

Tuesday Apr 13, 2021, 4:07 PM




Last online: 4-13-2021 4:57pm
  • Gender: 48 rat-dogs drunk on gay pinterest memes that's 27 ft tall ((They/them))
  • Profile Views: 512

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°Black lives still matter!°

[°Name°] Bunny

[°Pronouns°] they/them

[°Sexuality°] pansexual

[°Aesthetic(s)°] scene, emo, cottagecore

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