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Hi im myles! They/he plz!

i love musicals, anime, cosplaying, scene queens, and obviously kandi!

I've been making kandi for... 3 years? I also make friendship bracelets, kinda lol. i also collect squishmallows! i just started so right now i only have 19 but imma get more soon >:3

my fav musicals are tick tick boom, title of show, the last 5 years, now here this, and rent (in that order from 1st to 5th fav lol)

my fav anime is aot prolly but i also like steinsgate, demon sayer, jjk, and slice of life animes lol

I'm currently hyperfixating on Godspell, specifically the 2000 off-broadway revival- ITS SO GOOD ITS THE BEST VERSION OF GODSPELL BUT ITS ONLY ON YOUTUBE :((((

uh that's it I guess lol. oh yeah I'm a minor so don't be weird lmao

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