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havent been on here in years.. interesting to look back at the friends ive made on here and see how much everyone has changed. Things sure do change within four years.

Saturday Jun 18, 2016, 10:18 PM



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(time for a much needed update)

Hello guys, my names Nicole, feel free to call me Nikki or whatever nickname comes to mind. I've been making kandi for roughly five or six years ive honestly lost count. I've been on quite a few long lapses of 'haitus's' from making kandi in that time, however.

I love all things as follows; cats, space/galaxy, sparkles/holographic/glitter, Lisa Frank (theme), Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Hello Kitty, pandas, dragons, Pokemon (ask if curious about fave types or specific pokemon).

Any other Info i'll come back and update later on!~

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Kandi HeadPhones (W/ REAL HEADPHONES)
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