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I reaaaallly wanna start uploading more again ;^;

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Hai! :3 I'm Dana. I love making kandi, and have been since December 2012 :D I started stepping up my beading game in January 2015 and am constantly improving on my creations :) I have never come up with a pattern or stitch on my own before, nor do I go to raves or trade. The main reason I don't trade is because I don't have a lot of money to ship and get enough supplies. I have a lot of pictures up on here of things I've made but I have to take half of it apart in order to have beads for something new. I know some people find it offensive that kandi is more like a craft to me, since I don't live a "raver" lifestyle. To be honest, the kandi kids who attack others for not being a "true kandi kid" aren't proving that they're any better, and aren't really living by PLUR if they're spreading negativity. But I should just stop trying to justify myself here. Enjoy my gallery, and if you have any questions let me know! I always give credit to whoever gives me an idea

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