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i feel like my physical disability holds me back from participating in a lot of rave culture and it makes me sad

Wednesday Mar 13, 2019, 4:15 AM




Last online: 3-09-2019 9:04pm
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  • 2001-7-10
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my names marco, im a gay guy born and raised in dfw. ive been making kandi since december 2018 and its quickly become my favourite hobby! im autistic and proud <3

my other big interests are anything medical (especially brain science), video games, anime, art/music, and drugs

my favourite band is american pleasure club/teen suicide, ive been a diehard fan since 2013!

my favourite genres of music are indie/diy, bedroom pop, lo-fi, alt-rock, punk rock, edm, french house, hiphop, dubstep, nightcore, and anything related! but ill listen to pretty much anything but whatever popular shit is on the radio :P

icon credit: scene trans flag by deathdlc on tumblr

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