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Happy Birthday to me!!! :)

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I've been in the rave scene since 2011 and that's when I started making kandi. As I progressed at making kandi cuffs, bracelets, masks and necklaces, I figured there's got to be more kandi items to make besides cuffs, bracelets, and necklaces. I began to do research online on making kandi apparel as well as household items. So once I found websites and photos of kandi apparel and accessories, I began to expand my artistic ability and started making kandikinis, kandi corsets, kandi thongs, kandi skirts, kandi belts, garter belt kandikinis, kandi baskets, kandi lingerie, kandi halter tops, and other unique kandi tops. Some of the kandi apparel, I made by just looking at the photos and making it visually. Other kandi apparel I made came from ideas that I've thought of on my own. Soon I will be making kandi hats, curtains, pocketbooks, vests, boxes, dresses, leg warmers, and anything else I can think of.

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