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I feel like a millennial, but I'm an "old"(?) Z. XD

Friday Jan 26, 2024, 3:33 PM




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My sister made some of the patterns/ finished things on my account: (Sym). We kind of shared both accounts. I might get back into "Kandi" soon, if posting seed bead kandi is allowed? Not sure what you would call Kandi made of seed beads? Is that Kandi anymore? Probably not, but it is the same thing in my opinion when the same knowledge is applied. I think it looks allot nicer and more sophisticated too. -As in "adult Kandi." (?) Not that I'm going out of my way to make sure it qualifies as "adult" though lol. Only natural that's what I really want to do next with my old Kandi skills I suppose then. Tried once along time ago but never got ahold of enough/ right sizes of different colors of seed beads. Certainly am not insulting pony beads or using pony beads to make Kandi, I'm just saying. Lol I hope this is coming out right. XD Could easily make patterns for "seed bead kandi" on here too. Kinda just thinking out loud on here. Haven't done anything on here or with Kandi since I was around 14. But I still check back just to look at old projects. Maybe I'll do the seed bead thing and post stuff about it soon enough. I'm glad this site is still around. Keep up the good work y'all.

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My Gir Bag. (first Bag I Ever Made So It Actually Has Many Mistakes)
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Front And Back Of My Evanescence Cuff.
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Kandi Star Singles :P
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3D Kandi Star Neacklace, Front & Back
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Kandi Goggles And Mask Together :P
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Picture Cuffs =^.^=
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Kandi Wallet
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Stripey Cuffs :)
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My Cage Cuffs :)
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