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A wild Nightfury!

Thursday Apr 18, 2024, 5:39 AM




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I love bones and taxidermy(any oddity to be honest). I like starflesh core. I like Star Trek, original series. I love fictional charcaters!!! I also love HTTYD. Loki is my husband and I love him very much <3 I also really like Wings Of Fire(WOF for short) and I like Warrior ctas, but I've only read the A Vision Of Shadows series(Warrior Cats). I also like Hazbin Hotel!

Random update, 4/8/2024: I love Adam from hazbin Hotel

Random update, 3/5/2024: for some reason I now have a hyper-fixation on Veneer from Trolls even tho I haven't watched the third movie...

I am a therian and an otherkin. here is a list of my therotypes/kins: calico cat, Russian blue cat, snow leopard, alligator/crocodiles(most, if not all crocodilia) night fury, dragons(all as a species) and I'm questioning vulture or eagle, might possible even a raven.

you are safe with me! <3

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Frog Cuff
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Pill Bottle Kandi Necklace
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2nd Kandi Cuff
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