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Have you ever been mellow?

Thursday Jun 13, 2024, 5:24 PM




Last online: 7-18-2024 3:24pm
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  • All This Peace And Understanding, Go Drums, Go Dance, Round And Round, For America!
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Interests: Kandi (of course), happy hardcore devils (As you can see in my pfp X^P) , plushies, and anything neon green!


Favorite kandi to make: 3D candies!

Least favorite kandi to make: Multi-stitch (ESPECIALLY odd stitch!)


Top 5 Favorite Tracks: DJ Delirium - Surrender Your Dreamz, Pulp Shock - Far Away (DJ Sim's Hardcore Mix), Sjors & Sjimmy - De Rebellen Club, Twin Terror - I Feel Alive (Terror Mix), Cixx - To the Bass


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