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the Good omens brainrot is real save yourselves /silly

Saturday Jan 6, 2024, 9:58 PM




Last online: 3-25-2024 5:52pm
  • Gender: Male (try and guess if I'm trans) (he/him only)
  • Your Walls, TN, USA
  • Profile Views: 667

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  • aroaceflux || audhd || waiting for osc kandi makers,,,
  • Current hyperfixations: object shows, good omens, steven universe, gravity falls, fanfiction + fandom culture, music in general, class of '09 (yes the game), rottmnt, ducktales, sonic, 2000's - 2010's shit + more thingsprobably
  • Discord: mason.topaz_ || Twitter: MasonTopaz
  • I know I'm kinda basic in comparison to most ppl here but I promise I'm cool
  • tadc fans or vivizepop supporters dni! also dont mention vox from hazbin hotel around me, its a personal thing

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